truePHASE was founded in 2017 by Andreas Bünemann and Gela Hildebrandt.
Their vision was to bring the highest possible level of soundquality to the people.

,,Back to basics” is the point where we start our work. The way to work with things the world gave us is what makes our products that teriffic. Most people have wrong assumptions about acoustic and we want to show them the truth. Our principle is honesty, fairness and real true phased sound.


Andreas Bünemann

CEO - Developer

Gela Hildebrandt


long time ago

Gela Hildebrandt worked as Distributor for MLSSA meassuring Systems, and afterwards founded the Company Harmonic Design, which he sold in 2015 to its actual owner.

Andreas Bünemann used to work for LAX Europe as director and developed the brand in Germany and Europe from the begining. he developed several Systems and solutions for LAX China, to provide european Quality Speakers. he left the Company in 2016, due to his Vision to built and develop Speaker Systems in Germany, whilst LAX wanted to go on in China.

2017 - founding of Prod-Ent GbR

in 2017 Gela Hildebrandt and Andreas Bünemann founded the Prod-Ent GbR to develop and manufacture Speaker Systems and electroacoustical solutions for other companies.

End of 2017

truePHASE Audio has come to life. they decided to create an own Speaker brand. The target was to offer Speaker with a solution only. there is no Need to develop the 100st black box, despite there is a Problem solution comming with it.

mid of 2019

Prod-Ent Gbr has been deleted. Gela Hildebrandt leaves the Company due to his age and works as an Consultant for Mr. Bünemann. However the Company goes on as truePHASE, with its main target to built up an own brand and as sideeffect to create Speaker Systems for customers on request.