2012 - the birth of LAX EUROPE

That date marks the start of Mr Bünemann in the Audio Industry. He worked for a company named B&K Braun GmbH and got the target to create an pro audio brnad for this wholeseller. After several try outs and research he found LAX / Ruifeng China, and started tgo create the LAX Europe GmbH beginning with chineese systems as they were.

2014 - Start of redesigning

Soon he understood that the chineese market has a different way of hearing. That lead to a redesign of the systems. Itralien speakers, new DSPs, new meassurements and new curves to fit the products to the german and european market. the awareness of LAX Europe rised constantly.

2015 - Start development of speakers in Germany

Gela Hildebrandt (former owner and developer of Harmonic Design) joined the development process. Bünemanns desire was to develop and produce speaker systems for LAX Europe in Germany, to fit the european market completely.

2016 - first products were ready

a fist line of speakers was ready for sales.
these were:
– Pro 8
– Line 16 / 24
– Mtrx 18
– R8 Pack
all under the brand of LAX Europe
all of these systems were proudly presented at the prolight & sound in 2016, and attracted immediately many customers.

2017 - the break up

in this year a huge step back happened. B&K Braun obviously was not interested in developing own speakers in Germany what lead to a brek up between Bünemann and B&K / the LAX Europe GmbH. Bünemann left the company with his knowledge and experience. It has been tried to go on with LAX Europe with other several timnes changing sellers, but 8it never went back to the glory it had. So LAX Europe slowely disappeared beeing just a shadow of its former strength.

late 2017 - the birth of truePHASE

with this hit, Bünemann and Hildebrandt decided to go on with a new company called Prod-Ent. Prod-Ent stands for Produktentwicklung, which means product development. It had the target to develop speaker systems for its own brand truePHASE and for several other manufacturers.

An anachoic chamber and MLSSA System has been built in Oberndorf a.N. from where the two guys start developing. The existing products had been improoved and they started to work on a concentric line array / Dual Q system. Again several systems convinced customers and they both were on a fruitful way.

2020 - another break up

unfortunately there was not much money in the pot, and the company wasnt able to produce without a forecast, which was very difficult to get. the products were still very atracting but without ready to sell stock, we had no chance. So Hildebrandt and Bünemann decided to erasxe the company, and stop working in the audio industry.

2021 - a new start

Bünemann started to work in a new company called AS Light & Sound. The owner was that impressed about the products that he decided that truePHASE has to come back with new ideas and new peoducts based on the knowledge and experience made. So Bünemann and Hildebrandt decided to come back and start from scratch.

2022 - we are ready for production

We builtg a new bigger anachoic chamber and bought bacl all former sold MLSSA Systems. Immediately new products were made, with the experience of Bünemann and Hildebrandt combined with the rental knowledge of Scherb.

But also another step back happened. When we were almost finished and ready for production, our portugese company choosen to bult the housings quit the work with truePHASE because they couldnt stand our quality demand. so we had to search again, which lead us to find companies in the region of Baden Württemberg to built the housings and metalworks. This makes our products a completely german product and made and assambled in Germany.

2023 - almost ready

All products are in the final state and the mass production starts soon.

To be continued …. soon !