Quality checklist

The quality issue is a main pillar of our development and manufacturing process. We want to make sure that every speaker which leaves our company is in perfect condition. To achieve this goal, we did quite some efforts, as you can read here:

  • We preselect every loudspeaker to keep manufacturing tolerances as low as possible. To do so, we built a measurement laboratory, including an anechoic chamber, MLSSA, Robotic arm, audio precision units and every tool we think makes sense to be used and guarantee the highest quality.

  • We control every single housing and according to that the specific paint. Transport is also a high valued factor of our products as well as a long-lasting paint structure. That’s why we decided to use Polyurea as cover for all our speakers. This material gives a perfect protection of your system even in hard on the road a touring condition.

  • All flying systems are TUV approved with a 7:1 security.

  • There is no speaker system which leaves the halls without a complete measurement and controlling. We want that every system works in perfect condition. Our uses shall get the highest comfort in using our systems. We think it is important that you know, you could use our systems out of the box, and they will work perfect.

  • Another important pillar is the setup and the creation of controller presets. We developed several important technologies to be able to design a speaker system which is as linear as possible frequency wise. Speaking about phase we did the work, so you don’t have to. All systems are designed as phase linear as possible according to our group delay technology.

  • Our promise is that we always working on reaching the highest possible quality with the physical conditions existing. We even try to develop new technologies to offer the most complicated techniques in an easy and usable way for you to reach the best sound you can get in your venue.

We cannot change the laws of physics but we are quite good in using and manipulating them!