• 18“ speaker with high efficiency.
  • Available in passive or selfpowered.
  • Extreme coupling with several MTrX 18 Subs.
  • Longlasting and durable coating for tour and rental usage.
  • Perfect symbiosis between frequency and phase.
  • Ultraflexible application.

The MTrX 18 sub gets back to basics in physics.
It is not necessary to build up complicated cardioid or end fire systems. Due to its extreme coupling, it  offers the possibility to point even low frequencies to the front, because of its maximum horn port.

Already four arrayed MTrX 18 subs are able to direct under 50Hz to the audience, which results in a wave, no longer bending around the bass to the backside.

Also in a single or double stack configuration, the MTrX 18 sub is unbeatable and reproduces the bass downwards to its ground tones with unbelievable quality.

A bass does not have to move air only, it is allowed to sound good either! Due to the targeted development of a special speaker for the MTrX 18 Sub and a butterworth-aligned housing, we reach this quality and efficiency, despite the energy demand of just 1000W at 8 Ohms.

With this bass you´ll get a maximum flexibility combined with excellent engineering. Because the impact of physics will not be fought with the DSP only, we set our lever at the cause in our engineering process. This results in easy handling and a perfect music reproduction.