AGDT (Advanced group delay technology)

We discovered how to implement the timing info into the frequency information. Due to that we are able to set specific delays for every single frequency in the crossover section. This is the most effective way of aligning speaker systems in a perfect and much more advanced way without compromising.

MIC-MOD (Master intelligend controlling modul)

The MIC-MOD is a straight forward DSP including software and algorithms. It offers a 4in/4out platform with 999 tabs per channel, including AGDT. It can use IIR and FIR Filters, but it can also access FIR Filters to setup those.

MLST (Membrane line source technology)

We invented a way to build line array systems without any compression driver, to prevent from different speeds of drivers inside the system. A nice side effect is that the so called MLS Technology gives a no compromise horizontal coverage without frequency drops at 30-40° angles left and right. It produces an perfectly even sound.

HPS (Harmonic pleat swinging)

With the HPS technology it is possible to reach a kind of swinging which is closest to the swinging behavior of an real instrument. A harmonic swinging leds to a much more real and true sound reproduction through a non-linear system and resistor like a standard pa speaker.