• 8“ Coax Speaker as real point source.
  • 80° x 80° coverage.
  • Compact housing design.
  • Longlasting and durable coating for tour and rental usage.
  • Extremely high resolution.

The c8X top convinces with its homogenous and high-resolution music signal reproduction. Because of the use of a coax speaker it generates a real point source.

The top is equipped with a passive crossover between high and mid driver. You can use this top either with the Sub12 or with the optional Backpack to operate it in perfect condition including a group delay and a frequency correction with FIR filters.

That’s how you will get a usable coverage of 80° x 80° with a perfect time alignment.

The c8X top has a pole mouth for stacking it on speaker stands, but you can also use the M8 threads to fly it in different ways. For an easy handling there is a handle at the backside of the housing.

The membrane of the 8° driver is special coated against humidity and the stable housing with the strong grid allows to use this top in a daily tour condition without problems.