• 3 x Line Array Module in 1.
  • 90° x +7/-14°° coverage.
  • Compact cabinet design.
  • Line Array features.
  • Extremely high resolution.
  • Tough plywood cabinet for road usage

The ELiSA P is an easy to handle line array, based on 3x 8“ single Line Array modules. 3 elements, 2 x straight and 1 x curved, are situated in 1 cabinet. This way the vertical coverage is being extended without breaking up the cylinder wave principle. It´s easy handling – e.g. spacer system on a MTrX18 – makes it the perfect match for small to medium applications.

It is very easy to handle due to the considerable smaller weight of other comparable Systems. Installation applications benefit from all the advantages of a line array – minor volume decrease and precise alignment.

The complex and labor intensive rigging and aligning of modular line arrays is obsolete. Each side of the ELiSA P sports a 35mm (1 3/8“) pole mouth in order to be able to decide whether the 7° or the 14° dispersion should point up or down. This gives you a unique flexibility combined with easy handling.

In combination with our DSP you get to enjoy the perfect hearing experience, realized via the utilized FIR Filters and the group delay correction at the crossover frequencies.