• 12“ Coax Speaker as real point source.
  • 80° x 80 °.
  • compact housing design.
  • longlasting and durable coating for tour and rental usage.
  • extra Speakon connector for the use of signal 2+2- at the pins 1+1-.



The TERrA 12 is a sheer stage monitor which has been adjusted to meet the demands of musicians and monitor techs, due to several finesses. For example there is a 12″ coax speaker used which reduces the feedback sensitivity on stage to a minimum due to its real point source, especially in combination with many open microphones and various monitors in use. Furthermore the HF and MF signal reaches the musicians ears at the same time, which results in an extremely precise sound reproduction quality that makes high volume unnecessary. Also the weight has been minimized due to one magnet which is used as engine by the MF and the HF.

On top of that, the TERrA 12 has a neat little trick on hand which essentially eases the work on stage. On the right side there are 2 Speakon connector which are wired 4-pole and related to each other. On the left side there is a single Speakon connector which connects the signal of the points 2+ and 2- to 1+ and 1-. With that trick it is possible to send a second channel via 2+2- to the next monitor without the need of an additional adaptor, so the wiring on stage stays clean and manageable. The membrane of the 12″ driver is coated against humidity and the compact but stable housing with grid allows the daily hard road use without any problems.

Technical Data

Type:Coax Monitor passive
Equipping:MF: 12“/75mm Voice Coil
HF: Polyamide Dome/44mm Voice Coil
Max. Power AES:400W
Frequency Res -6dB:80Hz - 20kHz
We recommend to set a HPF(2nd Order)@ 90Hz!
SPL 1W/1m:98dB
SPL max:124dB
Coverage:80° x 80°
Impedance:8 Ohm
Connection:2 x SpeaKon NL4MP 4-pole wiring
1 x SpeaKon NL4MPR (2+2- to 1+1-)
Dimension (w x h x d):490 x 407 x 459 mm
Cabinet:18mm Birch Plywood with 2 wooden handles
Warnex Coating Black, 4 rubber feet
Options:RAL colours upon request
Active module “Backpack”