• 16/24 x 2“ equipping.
  • 100° x 15 ° coverage.
  • Compact housing design.
  • Line Array features.
  • Extremly high resolution.
  • Powder coated housing.

The advantages of the c16L and c24L are obvious. Due to its array positioning of the 16/24 x 2” speakers, a line radiator has been generated with a coupling accordingly. That’s why this top loses only 3 dB each doubling of distance, as opposed to 6dB with standard tops usually. Accordingly even the top covers wide distances.

The  noble design of the c16L rounds down the package. A perfect 360° circle with a 100° opening covered with acoustic foam. Sure, the powder coating can be adjusted in color to the room.

Despite the filigree look the c16L should not be discounted. It produces 123dB peak anyway!

But also the coverage offers a wide range of applications. Due to the hard edged 15° at the top and bottom side it is able to erase reflections from roof or floor. If you turn it around 90° you will achieve possibilities to target a special corridor with sound.

In combination with the Sub12 you will get a perfect listening pleasure due to its FIR filters and the group delay correction for the crossover region.