• 12“ Speaker as Subwoofer.
  • Compact housing design.
  • Longlasting and durable coating for tour and rental usage.


Backpack (optionally):

  • Amp with 2 x 500W@4Ohm.
  • DSP with FIR/IIR Filters and group delay correction.
  • Additional input for monitor application.

The Sub12 is an ultra compact sub with optionally installed amp and DSP. It enables the operation of an additional FELiX c8X, c16L or c24L top. At the backside a pushbutton is located to switch between 4 different presets. Thus it offers a cardioid or a satellite system application in combination with 2 or more systems. An example would be to use a system with 2 subs + 1 c8X as a top and a second c8X as a monitor per side. To do so, the bass is equipped with a second XLR input which is routed to the top only. That’s how we can provide the same signal for two subs and one top but use the second amp channel for an extra monitor feed.

The highly reliable speaker offers an enormous performance with an amazing reproduction of bass signals down to its ground tones.

The amp inside the housing is compulsory cooled due to its position which minimizes the danger of power compression.

The membrane of the 12” driver is coated against humidity and the compact but stable housing with its strong grid enables the daily hard tour operation.