• Stunning reproduction quality.
  • 60° x 60 ° coverage.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Longlasting and durable coating for tour and rental usage.
  • Perfect for installation and small venues

The FELiX b4B with broadband driver is a new development by truePHASE and is, soundwise as well as visually, a true revelation.

The silky smooth and natural reproduction of audio one searches in vain in proAudio PAs.

With the associated Sub10, applications are very versatile.

Specifically designed for high profile applications like galas, restaurants and conferences where focus is on quality and finesse.

But also handling is an important point. That’s why the b4B offers several possibilities with its 4 x M8 connectors, one on each side.

Due to its unique design the b4B produces a unusual full sound, regarding its size and look.