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Hello world,

we are happy to announce that truePHASE is alive now. From today on, our homepage is online and offers quite some interesting parts and information about our products and services.

You can find all necessary details in our products section. Our Backstage area is for our true customers only (Backstage Pass needed). After you’ve registered your company you will get an backstage pass and stage id according to your demands, which will grant you entry every time to background knowledge, setups, prices and much more.

At “about” you can find interesting information about our very own inventions and some points about our quality and thoughts.

We will carefully fill up this page with more content and more educational videos and sheets. So stay tuned, and visit us from time to time to get some updates and news.

Thank you for being here and we hope that you enjoy our page and the knowledge you can get from it.

Your team from truePHASE